Aliases in a Select Statement

Did you know that if you define an alias when selecting columns, you probably can’t use it inside of a WHERE clause without getting an Unknown Column error?

The standard explanation given by This site ( and used by many of the sites that I found with google explains it by saying that:

Standard SQL disallows references to column aliases in a WHERE clause. This restriction is imposed because when the WHERE clause is evaluated, the column value may not yet have been determined.

I think I found a layman’s explanation for the problem here:

SQL is evaluated backwards, from right to left. So the where clause is parsed and evaluate prior to the select clause. Because of this the aliasing of u_name to user_name as not yet occurred.

And I believe a workable solution can be found here:

So…instead of using WHERE, use HAVING.

Here’s the conclusion of when to use either as found by:

Here’s the rule. If a condition refers to an aggregate function, put that condition in the HAVING clause. Otherwise, use the WHERE clause.


Here’s another rule: You can’t use HAVING unless you also use GROUP BY.

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