Green Screen when Playing Movies

Since December of 2014, I had a ridiculous problem where some of the movies I was trying to test ended up playing with these kinds of green screens:

NVidia Buggy


It’s bright green and it really hurts the eyes.

After some trial and error, I found that rolling back the video driver fixed the error.  So I suppose that I should add that I have an NVidia video card and my media player is Windows Players Classic – Home Cinema (WPC-HC) 32 bit.

Well, that is one solution I suppose.  But I later tried to update the video card driver to a newer one from January 2015.  The same problem once again.

I tried looking for a solution once again.  This time using “Nvidia Driver Green”.  Aside from mentions of a green initiative, I also lucked upon a certain link:

I found a working solution in this link.  I needed these two posts:

for the green screen issue on newer MPC-HC, I think you should head to Options>Internal Filters>Video Decoder. From There, under “Output Formats” while playing a video, uncheck the “P010” thread, Apply & Exit. Try playing a video again to see whether the green thingy is still there. It’s a rare bug, so it’s no one’s fault anyway. BTW, I usually perform a clean install every time new drivers with new improvements it brings.

Video Decoder Properties

thanks for your helpfull comment. But that alone wasn’t enough to fix my issue.

I’ve had to enable all 3 video filters, and it’s working properly now :)

Player Options

Granted, I didn’t need to enable all 3 video filters (MPEG-2 Video, H264/AVC, VC1), H264/AVC was enough.  So the steps that I took were as follows:

  1. Remove the check from the P010 option in the output formats
  2. Add a check to the H264/AVC Transform Filter.
  3. Video playing back correctly.
  4. Profit

I suppose if you still get the green screen, you may need to add checks to some other transform filters until it finally works.

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