Templating Engines

I was creating a website when I had the bright idea of pre-creating a webpage template and then filling in the values that I needed.  At first I was going to roll my own, and then I realized that there were many PHP templating engines in existence already.  I decided to give Twig a try since it seemed to be well-known.


  • Twig example.
  • Shows the basics.
  • Unfortunately, does not demonstrate a straightforward loop.


  • It’s almost crap.
  • Despite its claims, for a five minute guide, it doesn’t show the basics like how to include the dependencies.  In addition, the code throws an error if you put it in a try-catch block.
  • However this sample does show how to create a template with a loop.
  • The error disappeared when I replaced display/print with render/echo. I wonder if the error hid itself or did I really fix it.

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