Atomic operations and trying to report the right quantities.

A peeve of mine is trying to purchase something online from an e-commerce site which specifically states In Stock, and then waiting for weeks only to discover I’ve been back-ordered.  It’s doubly bad when I’m trying to buy myself a christmas present.  Yup, myself.

I haven’t tried the method listed in the below link yet, but I’m setting it aside in case I need it in the future.


Names, ID’s, Classes, and whatnot

When working with an HTML page, the attributes that you need depend on the plugins that you’re using.

Name Attribute:
Used when submitting a post.

ID Attribute:
Used by Jquery to find an element when doing a $(#id_name).
Used by CSS.  Prefixed by (#)

Class Attribute:
Used by CSS.  Prefixed by (.)

I didn’t cover all of the cases, since I jotted down what I remembered, but it is a good idea to create a table for this stuff.